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Environmental Policy

Sojitz undertakes environmental preservation activities in accordance with the following Environmental Policy.

Sojitz Group Environmental Policy

As a global company, Sojitz Group considers environmental issues a crucial topic to be addressed in management. Striving for a sustainable society, we will work to preserve the environment and prevent pollution in our business activities, while creating businesses that are both highly competitive and environmentally friendly.

1. Comply with environmental laws and regulations

In the course of our business operations, we will comply with laws and regulations concerning the environment, international treaties, and agreements to which we subscribe.

2. Continuously improve our environmental management system

Under our environmental management system, we will establish and periodically review environmental objectives and aim for constant improvement, in order to enhance our environmental performance.

3. Minimize environmental burden

Through reducing greenhouse gases such as CO2 to prevent climate change and preserving biodiversity, we will strive to minimize the environmental burden of our businesses.

4. Conserve resources and reduce/recycle waste

We will engage in curbing the use of natural resources such as energy and water, and the reducing and recycling of waste.

5. Consider the environment in new businesses

When starting new businesses and expanding or further developing existing businesses, we will work to reduce the burden on the environment and prevent pollution.

6. Pursue sustainable resources

We will promote initiatives for the stable supply of resources and realization of a suitable energy mix.

7. Educate and promote awareness on the environment

In addition to ensuring that all of our officers and employees are notified of this policy, we will implement educational activities to ensure widespread awareness.